"You are the only coach I have ever known who could get a rock to run."

John Knapp, Athletic Director, Brookdale Junior High, 1972 told to Marsh Sellers when "Coach Sellers" moved from the 9th grade track coach at Brookdale to the Head Track Coach at Elkhart Central High School. Motivation soon followed Marsh Sellers from that moment on. It now precedes his journey to the next one. Moments define all of us; or we define the moment to get to more. Marshall Sellers calls these key experiences that one runs into and what happens after.

Yes, individual motivation is Coach Sellers. His motivation is not conventional. He is motivation by facts. He is motivation the right way.

Always as a teacher as well as a coach, Marsh Sellers will tell you regardless of the venue, "Here are the demands of the goal, now decide to do something about it, and then do it."

Follow a little of his life so YOU CAN FORM THE SAME KEY EXPERIENCES and then you too, can "Get The Rock To Run."

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